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Table of contents

The Physical Layer

The Theoretical Basis for Data Communication

Bandwidth-Limited Signals

Bandwidth-Limited Signals (2)

Bandwidth-Limited Signals (3)

Guided Transmission Data

Twisted Pair

Coaxial Cable

Fiber Optics

Transmission of Light through Fiber

Fiber Cables

Fiber Cables (2)

Fiber Optic Networks

Fiber Optic Networks (2)

Wireless Transmission

The Electromagnetic Spectrum

Radio Transmission

Politics of the Electromagnetic Spectrum

Lightwave Transmission

Communication Satellites

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Communication Satellites (2)

Communication Satellites (3)

Low-Earth Orbit Satellites Iridium


The Mobile Telephone System

Advanced Mobile Phone System

Channel Categories

D-AMPS Digital Advanced Mobile Phone System

GSM Global System for Mobile Communications

GSM (2)

CDMA – Code Division Multiple Access

Third-Generation Mobile Phones: Digital Voice and Data

Cable Television

Community Antenna Television

Internet over Cable

Internet over Cable (2)

Spectrum Allocation

Cable Modems

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