CSE5270 - Software Engineering Team Project

Library Project

A Company has recently collected resource and training material to be placed in a library for the use by all employees. It has become difficult for one person to manage the requests by users and the inventory of the material.

A library system is needed to perform the following tasks on the items managed by the system:

  1. checkout item(s)
  2. check-in item(s)
  3. categorizing item(s)
  4. add item(s)
  5. subtracting item(s)
  6. create a reservation list for (checked-out) unavailable item(s)
  7. recheck out material, monitoring due dates and overdue material
  8. compute and assess required charges

The only two actors identified for the Library System are the borrower and the librarian.

Responsibilities for tasks and functions are as follows:

  • Login using existing System ID
  • Catalog material **
  • Tracks checked-out material
  • Add/Subtract material from catalog
  • Check-in material *
  • Pulls material requested
  • Login using existing System ID
  • Browse/search for material
  • Check-out material *
  • Re-check-out material *
  • Places name on reservations list *
  • Return materials by due date
The system
  • Notify borrower of overdue condition
  • Access overdue charge
  • Assess charge for lost material
  • Denotes exceptions

** Specifications provided below



The borrower will select item(s) from available items in the catalog. The borrower will only be able to expect to receive item(s), from the librarian, that are shown to be available. If the borrower has an unpaid fine for late return of past items, he/she will not be able to checkout subsequent material until the fine is satisfied. Checkout will advise the borrower of his/her status.

Reservation List

If item(s) is not available, the borrower may place his/her name on the reservations list, and will be contacted when the item(s) are available. At that time, the borrower may choose to accept (All fines must be satisfied as in "Checkout"), the item or reject it. The reservation list will be a container.


A borrower may choose to keep an item for an extended period after the due date, provided that the item has not been reserved by another borrower. The request for an extension must be made before the due date, or a fine will be assessed for the time from the due date to the re-checkout request. The fine must be paid before the librarian can authorize "re-check-out". If the "re-check-out is made before the due date, and no other borrower wants the item, the "re-check-out" will be automatically authorized by the system.


when borrower returns item(s) to librarian for check-in, the "date of check-in" will be compared with date due. If " date of check-in" is greater than date due, a fine will be assessed. If fine is not satisfied at that time, the borrowers name will be place on the "Fine due" list. No subsequent "check-out" will be available for that borrower until fine satisfied.

Other Requirements

ITEM = superclass, with the following specifications:




Video Tapes

Audio Tapes

White Papers

Seminar Literature

Browse/Search Criteria



Mechanical/Building Services

Information Systems