Computer Graphics
CSE5280 Course Information
Orlando Graduate Center

Course Objectives:

The objective of this course is to provide the CS graduate student with a foundation in Computer Graphics. The student will have a thorough understanding of graphics architecture concepts, coordinate systems, 3D representation and transformations, introduction to illuminations, the graphics pipeline, and scan conversion algorithms. Several laboratory exercises will allow the student to apply the topics and algorithms covered in class. This course will provide the student with the necessary foundation to develop computer graphics applications.


  1. Computer Graphics Hardware
  2. Data Structures and Mathematics for Computer Graphics
  3. Transformations
  4. 3D Viewing
  5. Clipping
  6. Scan Conversion Algorithms
  7. Local Illuminations Models
  8. Shading Models
  9. Hidden Surface Elimination
  10. Color Models

    Note: See Course Outline for additional Detail.


  1. Mid-term exam 100 points
  2. Programming assignments 200 points
  3. Final Presentation 100 points
  4. Final Exam 100 points

    Total points = 500

Letter grades will be assigned using the following scale:
A=90 - 100% B=80 - 89% C=70 - 79% F=0 - 69%

Programming Environment

Java Development Kit 1.4.2 (JDK1.4.2) on Microsoft Windows/95/98/NT 4.0/2000
Eclipse Development IDE - Eclipse Development IDE

JOGL - Java OpenGL Tools


Florida Tech Computer Science

Course Author

Juan M. Gomez

Last Update: Nov. 28, 2004