Early history of the Bolivar Family

Early History of the Bolivar (Bolibar) Family

BOLIBAR: There is a small village in Bizkaia named Bolibar, and this is clearly the origin of the surname, but there are also houses with this name in other parts of Bizkaia: In Bolibar 2 houses, In Zamudio 4 houses, in Areatza-Villaro 1 house.

Basque surnames are names of houses, so your surname can be originated by any of these houses, although we don't know which of them are originals and which derivations of the originals ,of course we know that the ones of Bolivar are originals, and we can think than the others are derivations. There are many branches of this surname in the Basque Country, in Spain and of course and as you know very well in Venezuela.

The old coat of the House of Bolivar: En azur, una rueda de molino de plata, then, they changed the coat by this: Cortado, 1 en plata una faja de azur,2 en sinople cuatro panelas de oro puestas en dos palos. There are many coats of Bolivar families Meaning: BOLI or BOLU means MILL, and IBAR, means riverside, or bank, or little valey near the river Proves of Nobility: there are a lot, is documented that people with this surname lived in Onate in 1388, other lived in Motriko in 1370, in Mondragon 1530 (all in Gipuzkoa).

To create a family tree the only way is begin for your parents birth records, or baptism records, there you will find Who were their parents and grandparents, and where were born, thyen look for your grandparents baptism records, and then back and back. If you want to do it in USA, you can go to a Family research center in the Mormon Churches, they have microfilmed baptism records all around the world

I would personally like to thank Xabier Ormaetxea for his research effort. The above information is a result of this research.