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La Familia




Bolivar Origins Origin of the Bolivar family name Personal
My Grandparents Photograph of my Grandparents (Cuba) Personal
California Trip Photographs of the family trip to California Personal
South Africa Vacation My trip to my son's graduation in South Africa Personal
Las Vegas Vacation Photos of our 2003 Las Vegas Vacation Personal

Technical References





Java Developers Lobby Java Reference The Server Side - J2EE Java J2EE Reference
Java Coding Standards Java Reference IBM Alphaworks Java Emerging Technologies
Bredemeyer Architecture S/W Architecture O'Reilly On Java Site Java Reference
Columbia University S/W Project Mgmnt S/W Project Management

Servlets.com Site

Good Servlet Tutorial

Java Servlet Reference
SEI S/W Architecture S/W Architecture Webservice Architecture Site Service Oriented Architecture

The Rational Edge

Methedologies Link

Rational Architecture & Good Methodologies Link

Web services portal

Web Services Interop

Web Services Information

Tutorials and Reference Material

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