System Engineering
CSE5270 Course Information
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Course Objectives:

The objective of this course is for the student to obtain an understanding of the fundamentals used in the analysis and design techniques for the development of software systems. Topics covered include lifecycle models, requirements analysis, specification, project estimation techniques, design methodologies, coding, testing, verification, validation, configuration management and documentation.


A detailed study of the various software engineering topics, these include:

  1. Requirements Analysis
  2. Project Estimation Techniques
  3. Distributed System Architectures with CORBA, RMI and J2EE
  4. User Interface Design
  5. Software Design using UML
  6. Software Testing
  7. Configuration Mangement

    Note: See Course Outline for additional Detail.


  1. Mid-term exam - 100 points
  2. Final Exam -100 points
  3. Class Project - 100 points

    Total points = 300

Letter grades will be assigned using the following scale:
A=90 - 100% B=80 - 89% C=70 - 79% F=0 - 69%

Programming Environment


Florida Tech Computer Science

Course Author and Contact Information

Juan M. Gomez
Office Tel. No. - (407)306-2140

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